Wednesday, November 9, 2011

"+Count" on sale

"+Count" adds count clicks to songs of your library. 
It is convenience to play, train, exercise and lecture musical instruments/songs. 

You can start to play or sing songs with count clicks that you can adjust by your ears and signal strength graph. 

Following attributes can be adjusted for selected songs. 
1. count number, from 2 to 8 
2. BPM 
3. Delay 

Once you play a song, the attributes would be cached. The attributes will be restored automatically then it is ready to play, when you select any song that you have ever played. 

"+Count" never touches any original song file. 

Count sound can be chosen among 7 patterns. 
metronome, clave, cow bell, stick, click, snare and voice. 

Note: "+Count" doesn't support any DRM song file.

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